Sous Vide magnets (Red). Alternative to clips and rack. Easy to store. - B01LYE0Q0C

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  • Does your food float when you sous-vide? Keep them underwater, where they belong, with our sous-vide magnets.

  • Speeds up cooking and ensures that the food reaches a consistent temperature throughout - don't risk food poisoning from undercooked food!

  • Works on almost all containers - stainless steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, copper, etc. Just about everything short of your Coleman cooler.

  • Do you already have more stuff than storage space? No worries! These guys take up almost no room at all. You can even stick them to the fridge when you don't need them.

  • Color Name:Red

    When you start cooking sous-vide, you often run into food that just doesn't want to stay under water. Whatever the reason, you sometimes get food in bags that acts like a life preserver. This is great if you are on the Titanic, but not so good when you want to cook the perfect steak. If it is lying on the surface, only half of the food is in contact with the water and the cooking process will be slower than it should be and, in the worst case, your food might not reach the right temperature. The last thing you want to do after serving the guests the best meat they've ever tasted is to get a phone call from them as they wait in the Emergency Room.

    Our Sous-Vide magnets keep your food pinned to the wall, maximising the space in your container and giving you peace of mind. The magnets are covered in food grade silicone, won't demagnetise unless you happen to be cooking in liquid sodium and won't scratch or mark your pots and pans, like bulldog clips can. They also work on containers with large lips, where clips often fail. They are gentler on the wallet than sous-vide racks, and take up less storage space as well.

    Sous Vide magnets (Red). Alternative to clips and rack. Easy to store. - B01LYE0Q0C

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